Covid-19 Market Update

By: Philip Hollett

Covid-19 Market Update

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“How is the market doing and how are you doing things during the pandemic?" Those are questions I have had a number of times and everyone is different, but this is how our team is doing it.
To add some context, based on the numbers from week to week in Waterdown & Burlington, it seems that about 30% of the Buyers are still out there and did purchase, compared to the same time frame last year. Most of these Buyers likely needed somewhere to live and were midway in the Sell/Buy process. As a result, their purchase was a necessity, versus just getting started with the buying process. 
The showings have been greatly minimized; in some cases, the home does not get shown at all, other than via our video walkthroughs, interactive tours, photos, floor plans and online video calls or until an offer is entertained...and that only happens with safe viewing practices such as:

These are uncommon times and uncommon measures must be taken to adapt to meet just the need and keep folks safe at the same time. Stay safe and don't hesitate to let us know how we can be of help!

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