3 tips on how to declutter your stress provoking areas

By: Philip Hollett

3 tips on how to declutter your stress provoking areas

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Living in a decluttered home will definitely improve your life. Here are some tips on how to do it free and easy!

Start small and stay consistent
Start with one closet or area and get it completely decluttered. Chances are acknowledging your accomplishments will give you the energy to tackle your next area. In no time you will have a clutter free oasis and an improved lifestyle.

Have a sorting method
Sometimes we ruminate too much over what to keep, toss and donate. Don’t get bogged down into too much time spent wondering what you want to keep. Here is an effective rule of thumb that will help you make decisions quickly: keep the items that you have used in the last three months and items you consider heirlooms or keepsakes. Tackle each area by placing each item in your hands and ask yourself these simple questions, “Do I still use this item? Is this item an heirloom or keepsake? Is the item in usable condition? Would someone else use this item?” Keep all items you still use and value. Toss items that are unusable, soiled or broken. Donate all good condition items you do not use. Once you have mastered this sorting method, you will be shocked how easy it is to get your spaces clean and organized.

Once you have returned all your usable items, keepsakes, and heirlooms back to their storage areas, it’s time to donate. If you haven’t already, simply put all these items in sealed cardboard box or bag and label “Donation”. Some organizations like Diabetes Canada will pick up clothing & small household items donations free of charge. All you have to do is schedule a pickup. It is that easy! Improving our lives and the lives of our family, friends and community is a worthwhile and joyful journey. Start your journey today!

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