6 reasons why decluttering improves your life

By: Philip Hollett

6 reasons why decluttering improves your life

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When you hear the word “declutter” do you immediately think about all the time it would take and the aggravation it would cause to get rid of all the stuff that’s cluttering your house? Is your next instinct to close the closet doors and run for the hills? We get it, these reactions are 100% human. The question people are asking themselves is, “will the effort be worth it?” You better believe it is, and in fact experts say that it will not only improve your closet space, it will also improve your entire life.

Let’s take a look at six reasons why your life will improve when you make up your mind that now is the time to declutter.

#1 - Decluttered Living Is Peaceful Living
Reducing aggravating clutter that causes frustration will allow you to find what you need and use daily, quickly and easily.

#2 - Decluttering Reduces Stress and Increases Self-Esteem
Anxiety can rise when we open a messy closet door or take a look in our garages. Science has shown that unnecessary stress and anxiety can lead to unforeseen health issues. Life is stressful enough; our homes need to be calm and peaceful places for us to recharge.

#3 - Decluttering = Donating = A Better Life
For All One of the main reasons why our lives become over cluttered is we have been taught not to be wasteful and throw good things away. Another reason is we just do not know what to do with all that stuff. A good answer to both is donating. Developing the habit of donating not only improves your life but will improve the lives of our community members.

#4 - Positive Habits Lead to a Happier Life
Nothing makes us feel better about ourselves and our lives than breaking a negative habit and establishing positive ones. Since all aspects of improving your life is an ongoing journey, think of living in a clutter free environment in the same way. Trading out storage boxes filled with stuff you do not use for Toss and Donate boxes means you will build your positive habit of ongoing decluttering.

#5 - Clutter Free is Accident Free
It is hard to fully enjoy our home life if boxes tumble down from shelves or we stub toes walking down hallways. When clutter takes over, we find ourselves buying more boxes, adding more shelves, and storing stuff up and out into what should be living space. Don’t wait until a box falls on your head to start your decluttering habit. Put safety first!

#6 - Save Time and Money for the Fun Stuff in Life
Less stuff means more time enjoying life. We can find ourselves in the trap of spending time and money on stuff we do not need, over heading off on an adventure or participating in a family event. Less stuff also means you can get rid of your expensive storage solutions. Whether its additional storage boxes, sheds or storage units — that precious money could be used to enhance your life.

Improving our lives and the lives of our family, friends and community is a worthwhile and joyful journey. Start your journey today!

Source: https://pickupplease.org/6-reasons-why-decluttering-will-improve-your-life/

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